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Adnan Bilen
Van - 2020
Adnan Bilen – trial for “membership of a terrorist organization”
In the morning hours on October 6, 2020, the Van Bureau of Mezopotamya Agency (MA) and the houses of several journalists, including those of Jinnews reporters, were raided. MA reporters…
Adnan Bilen
Van - 2019
Adnan Bilen – trial for “insulting the President of the Republic”
Journalist Adnan Bilen has been tried for “insulting the President of the Republic” at the 4th Criminal Court of First Instance of Van due to his social media post in which…
Adnan Bilen
Van - 2018
Detention of Adnan Bilen
Journalist Adnan Bilen, whose former residence was raided by police, was accompanied by his lawyer as he went to the police department to give his statement following the raid, and…
Adnan Bilen
Van - 2018
Adnan Bilen – trial for “propagandizing for a terrorist organization”
Van Second High Criminal Courton convicted journalist Adnan Bilen of “propagandising for a terrorist organisation” and sentenced him 1 year and 10 months of imprisonment on December 11, 2018.  The…
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