Interventions are listed
Ahmet Takan
Ankara - 2021
Detention of Ahmet Takan
Even though he had submitted a petition and requested that his statement be taken at the Bakırköy 16th Criminal Court of First Instance, a detention warrant was issued against journalist…
Ahmet Takan
İstanbul - 2018
The access block on the three articles of Ahmet Takan, the correspondent for daily Yeniçağ
On 13 March 2018, the Bakırköy Fourth Criminal Peace Judgeship issued an access block order to three articles entitled ‘Papadan arabuluculuk istendi mi?’, ‘Barzani’nin lobi şirketi Erdoğan için çalışmış’, ‘Saray…
Ahmet Takan
Ankara - 2019
Physical attack against journalist Ahmet Takan
Ahmet Takan, a columnist for Korkusuz newspaper, was attacked in front of his house in Dikmen, Ankara yesterday (November 20). A person in his late twenties hit Takan on the…
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