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Aydın Keser
İstanbul - 2020
Aydın Keser – trial due to news on the death of MIT member
Yeni Yaşam Newspaper editor-in-chief Ferhat Çelik, chief editor Aydın Keser and editor Semiha Alankuş were asked to give their statement regarding the news published covering the funeral of a National…
Aydın Keser
İstanbul - 2019
Managing editor of Yeni Yaşam Newspaper, Aydın Keser is on trial for “propagandising for a terrorist organisation”
A lawsuit was filed against Aydın Keser, editor-in-chief of Yeni Yaşam newspaper, on charges of “propagandising for a terrorist organization” for the headlines concerning the operation “Peace Spring” published on…
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