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Buse Söğütlü
İstanbul - 2022
Detention of Buse Söğütlü
Covering news in İstiklal Avenue in İstanbul’s Taksim on May 1st, Buse Söğütlü, a reporter for Yolculuk Newspaper, was detained. Söğütlü was released following her deposition at the police station…
Buse Söğütlü
İstanbul - 2022
Buse Söğütlü – charge of “insulting a public official”
In the trial where journalist Buse Söğütlü was acquitted of “marking a counterterrorism official as a target”, the court board ruled at the end of the hearing that a criminal…
Buse Söğütlü
İstanbul - 2021
Buse Söğütlü – trial for “violating the Law no. 2911”, “resisting to prevent fulfilment of duty” and “damaging public property”
Journalist Buse Söğütlü is on trial along with 34 people on the grounds that she attended the March 8 Feminist Night March. Standing trial before the İstanbul 58th Criminal Court…
Buse Söğütlü
İstanbul - 2020
Buse Söğütlü – trial for “marking a counterterrorism official as a target”
Gazete Yolculuk correspondent Buse Söğütlü is facing a criminal prosecution due to her tweet criticizing Akın Gürlek, the presiding judge the 37th Heavy Criminal Court of İstanbul where the judicial…
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