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Çağdaş Kaplan
Sakarya - 2018
Çağdaş Kaplan – trial for “membership of a terrorist organization”
The lawsuit had been filed against journalist Çağdaş Kaplan for “membership in a terrorist organisation” on the grounds of his alleged relation to news channels and internet portals of the…
Çağdaş Kaplan
İstanbul - 2018
Detention of Çağdaş Kaplan
Yeni Yaşam Editor-in-Chief Çağdaş Kaplan was detained on the charge of ‘propagandizing for a terrorist organization’ due to his social media posts, which include his own articles as well by…
Çağdaş Kaplan
Diyarbakır - 2019
DİHA reporter Çağdaş Kaplan – trial for “marking a counterterrorism official as a target”
Seven journalists and executives for now-shuttered DİHA are being charged with marking a counterterrorism official as a target due to the article they shared entitled, “Kuşatmanın adı ‘Bayrak 12’, başındaki…
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