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Doğan Akın
İstanbul - 2023
Doğan Akın – trial for “insult”
A lawsuit was filed against Doğan Akın, the editor-in-chief of T24 news website, on the grounds of a news report titled “A tender for income sharing worth 6.9 billion TRY…
Doğan Akın
İstanbul - 2019
Founder and the editor-in-chief of T24 news portal Doğan Akın – trial for “knowingly and willingly aiding and abetting a terrorist organization without being a part of its hierarchical structure”
Doğan Akın, the founder and the editor-in-chief of the T24 news portal, has been sued for reporting on 108 tweets posted by an account named, “Fuat Avni,” which is linked…
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