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Fatoş Erdoğan
İstanbul - 2024
Journalist Fatoş Erdoğan injured in police intervention on 1 May
Journalists Fatoş Erdoğan and Umut Taştan, who were covering the 1 May Workers and Laborers Day celebrations in İstanbul, were injured in the police intervention. While journalist Umut Taştan suffered…
Fatoş Erdoğan
Fatoş Erdoğan – Detained at Saturday Mothers/People protest
The police detained Artı TV reporter Umut Taştan, journalist Fatoş Erdoğan, journalist Fatoş Erdoğan and Pirha reporter Dilan Şimşek by using physical violence while they were following the press declaration…
Fatoş Erdoğan
İstanbul - 2021
Police prevention against journalists covering Boğaziçi University protests – Fatoş Erdoğan
Dokuz8 Haber news website’s editor Fatoş Erdoğan was battered by the police while she was covering the detention of the Boğaziçi University students by the police on October 5, 2021…
Fatoş Erdoğan
İstanbul - 2021
Police violence against eight journalists covering the Suruç Massacre commemoration – Fatoş Erdoğan
Covering the commemoration ceremony held in İstanbul in memory of the 33 young people who lost their lives in a suicide bomb attack launched by ISIS in Şanlıurfa’s Suruç on…
Fatoş Erdoğan
İstanbul - 2020
Detention of Dokuz8 Haber reporter Fatoş Erdoğan
Fatoş Erdoğan, a reporter for the Dokuz8 Haber news portal, was detained by the police by being battered while she was covering the statement for the press wanted to be…
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