Interventions are listed
Görkem Kınacı
İstanbul - 2021
Lawsuit against Evrensel newspaper’s Managing Editor Görkem Kınacı
After the allegations of Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) MP Ahmet Şık on social media concerning battery of spouse and some incidents of corruption with regards to a “senior member…
Görkem Kınacı
Sakarya - 2021
Görkem Kınacı – trial for “provoking the public to hatred and hostility”
A lawsuit was filed against Görkem Kınacı, the Chief Editor of Evrensel newspaper, over the news report “Racist attack in Sakarya: Father loses his life, his son in treatment” published…
Görkem Kınacı
İstanbul - 2020
Investigation due to the article titled “Makus Kaderden Kaçış Yok” – Görkem Kınacı
Chief Editor of Evrensel daily, Görkem Kınacı was called to testify over a column titled “Makus Kaderden Kaçış Yok” [There is No Escape from the Ill Fate] dated 5 May…
Görkem Kınacı
Ankara - 2020
Evrensel Journalists’ press cards are revoked – Görkem Kınacı
A large number of journalists, including the members of the Evrensel Newspaper, who have been waiting for the response of renewal applications for a long time, learned that their press…
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