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Hakan Gülseven
İstanbul - 2020
Detention of Hakan Gülseven
As part of the operations launched against the “Movement of the Nameless” (İsimsizler Hareketi) on September 25, journalist Hakan Gülseven was detained. While Gülseven was released after giving his statement,…
Hakan Gülseven
Balıkesir - 2017
Release of Hakan Gülseven on probation Editor-in-Chief Hakan Gülseven from the United June Movement was detained from his family’s home in Ayvalık district of Balıkesir province where he went to vote in the referendum.Gülseven was…
Hakan Gülseven
Balıkesir - 2018
Release of Hakan Gülseven
Journalist Hakan Gülseven has written a column about the former Sakarya Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş in Yurt newspaper and was tried and sentenced 11 months, 20 days of imprisonment, which…
Hakan Gülseven
Bursa - 2018
Detention of Journalist Hakan Gülseven
Upon the request of the chairperson of TOBB, Journalist and member of Haziran, Hakan Gülseven was taken into custody on the grounds that his deposition was not taken in another…
Hakan Gülseven
İstanbul - 2018
Arrestment and Release – Former Correspondent of Daily Yurt Hakan Gülseven
Former Editor-In-Chief of the daily newspaper Yurt, Hakan Gülseven, who was arrested because of the compensation penalties that he did not pay, was released on December 22 after the penalties…
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