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Hale Gönültaş
Ankara - 2023
Investigation against journalist Hale Gönültaş
An investigation was launched against Hale Gönültaş, a columnist for Kısa Dalga, who reported on an incident where a 14-year-old girl, who had been sexually abused in Manisa, was made…
Hale Gönültaş
Ankara - 2022
Threat against journalist Hale Gönültaş
Hale Gönültaş, a reporter for kı news website, reported on a video where a woman from ISIS who had been detained in a raid in İstanbul last year threatened people…
Hale Gönültaş
Ankara - 2018
Threat against Hale Gönültaş
Journalist Hale Gönültaş was threatened by a person on the phone, saying “Jihad will happen, watch your step” due to the her article mentioning that ISIS sold a Yazidi girl…
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