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Hüsnü Mahalli
İstanbul - 2018
Yurt Newspaper’s columnist Hüsnü Mahalli is standing trial for insulting a public officer
Hüsnü Mahalli who was taken into custody for insulting statesmen by his social media posts was arrested by the court on 15 December 2016. On 20 January 2017, İstanbul 6th…
Hüsnü Mahalli
İstanbul - 2017
Release of Hüsnü Mahalli
Arrested by İstanbul 9th Criminal Judgeship of Peace on December 15, 2016, on charges of “insulting public officials because of their duties” and “insulting the President of the Republic” on Twitter,…
Hüsnü Mahalli
Lawsuit against Hüsnü Mahalli – Degrading the Turkish State
On 12 September, journalist Hüsnü Mahalli announced through social media that he was sentenced to 5 months of imprisonment for “insulting the Turkish State” due to his article criticizing Turkey’s…
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