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Mehmet Kızmaz
İstanbul - 2022
Lawsuit for damages by TÜGVA against Mehmet Kızmaz
Due to the news report “Ensar, TÜRGEV and TÜGVA [are] like parallel terrorist organizations” published on Cumhuriyet newspaper on October 23, 2021, Mehmet Kızmaz and Cumhuriyet newspaper faced a lawsuit…
Mehmet Kızmaz
İstanbul - 2019
Lawsuit against Cumhuriyet newspaper reporter Mehmet Kızmaz requesting compensation
The 19th Commercial Court of First Instance of İstanbul sentenced Cumhuriyet newspaper’s former grant holder Orhan Erinç and reporter Mehmet Kızmaz to pay 15 thousand TL for non-pecuniary damage due to the…
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