Interventions are listed
Merdan Yanardağ
İstanbul - 2023
Merdan Yanardağ – “insulting the president of the republic”
TELE1 Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardağ is on trial for “insulting the President” based on his columns published in BirGün between April 10, 2022 and May 29, 2022. In the third hearing…
Merdan Yanardağ
Prison sentence for Merdan Yanardağ
TELE1 Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardağ, in the 4 Questions 4 Answers program broadcast on TELE 1 channel on June 26, said “crime and violence” at the end of the program due…
Merdan Yanardağ
İstanbul - 2019
Merdan Yanardağ – trial for “violation of Capital Market Law”
Journalists Karakaya and Yalınkılıç reported on the economic crisis in 2018. Now they and 35 others, including journalists and economists, who commented on the article face jail terms for “trying…
Merdan Yanardağ
Mardin - 2020
Allegation of “violating the confidentiality of the investigation” – Merdan Yanardağ
Having reported on the arrest of nine people, including soldiers, in Mardin’s Nusaybin on charge of “bribery and smuggling of migrants”, journalists Ahmet Kanbal, Merdan Yanardağ and Murat Taylan were…
Merdan Yanardağ
Investigation against Merdan Yanardağ
An investigation has been launched against TELE 1 TV Editor-in-Chief journalist Merdan Yanardağ over his article “As the order turns out to be a mafia!” (Düzenin Mafyalaşması!) published in daily…
Merdan Yanardağ
Ankara - 2020
Tele1 TV Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardağ – trial for “turning a counterterrorism official into a target”
The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has lodged an indictment against Tele1 TV Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardağ on charge of “turning Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor Yüksel Kocaman into a target.” According…
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