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Orhan Uğuroğlu
Journalists threatened by Süleyman Soylu – Orhan Uğuroğlu
MP and former Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu targeted journalists Tolga Şardan, Saygı Öztürk, Orhan Uğuroğlu and Cengiz Demirel on his social media account regarding the news about him. Sharing screenshots…
Orhan Uğuroğlu
Verbal attack on Orhan Uğuroğlu
Attending journalist Orhan Uğuroğlu’s program on Flash TV, Patriotic Party Chair Doğu Perinçek verbally attacked the journalist. Uğuroğlu asked his guest about the allegations of former National Intelligence Organization (MİT)…
Orhan Uğuroğlu
İstanbul - 2021
Orhan Uğuroğlu – trial for “insulting the President of the Republic”
Orhan Uğuroğlu, the Ankara Representative of Yeniçağ Newspaper, was put on trial on charge of “insulting the President of the Republic” by the Bakırköy Criminal Court of First Instance on…
Orhan Uğuroğlu
Ankara - 2021
Attack on Orhan Uğuroğlu
Orhan Uğuroğlu, the Ankara Representative to Yeniçağ newspaper, was attacked by a group of three people while he was about to get on his vehicle in front of his house.…
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