Interventions are listed
Seda Taşkın
Ankara - 2022
Threat against Seda Taşkın
Journalist Seda Taşkın announced from her Twitter account that she was threatened on social media. In her post, Taşkın said, “I am openly threatened by the account named @Teknotell_vodafone from…
Seda Taşkın
Ankara - 2021
Prevention of journalists from following up the incidents in Ankara’s Altındağ – Seda Taşkın
Journalists Seda Taşkın and Büşra Taşkıran were prevented from following up the attempted attacks against the houses and workplaces of Syrian and Afghan migrants in Altındağ district in Ankara on…
Seda Taşkın
Muş - 2017
Seda Taşkın – trial for “aiding a terrorist organization as a non-member” and “propagandizing for PKK”
Detained on December 20, 2017 in Muş and released on probation, Mezopotamya Agency reporter Seda Taşkın was arrested in Ankara again on January 22, 2018. Taşkın’s lawyer Ebru Akkal said…
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