Interventions are listed
Yağmur Kaya
Ankara - 2021
Detention of journalists who wanted to cover “We cannot find shelter” protests – Yağmur Kaya
The young people who set out from İstanbul to attend the protest demonstration to be held by the “Barınamıyoruz” (We cannot find shelter) movement in Ankara on December 12, 2021…
Yağmur Kaya
İstanbul - 2021
Police prevention against journalists covering Boğaziçi University protests – Artı Gerçek reporter Yağmur Kaya
Halk TV reporter Erdinç Yılmaz was battered by the police and Artı Gerçek reporter Yağmur Kaya’s press card was seized while they were filming the police intervention against the students’…
Yağmur Kaya
Yağmur Kaya – investigation for “turning a counterterrorism official into a target”
Upon the criminal complaint of Deputy Commander of Gendarmerie Musa Çitil, an investigation has been launched against Human Rights Association (İHD) Co-Chair Eren Keskin, journalists Yağmur Kaya and Ahmet Kanbal…
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