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Canan Kaya
İstanbul - 2023
Canan Kaya – Earthquake broadcast investigation
Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Canan Kaya, Medya Koridoru Concessionaire and Editor-in-Chief, on suspicion of “publicly disseminating misleading information” (TCK 217/A) in connection with her…
Canan Kaya
İstanbul - 2022
Lawsuit for damages against journalist Canan Kaya
A lawsuit for damages was filed against Medya Koridoru Grant Holder and Editor-in-Chief Canan Kaya on the allegation that Demirören Media Group’s “commercial reputation was damaged and personal rights were…
Canan Kaya
Canan Kaya summoned to give her statement
Journalist Canan Kaya announced that she was summoned to depose by two police officers who came to her house on January 31, 2022. Kaya said that she would give her…
Canan Kaya
İstanbul - 2020
Lawsuit for damages against grant holder of Medya Koridoru website Canan Kaya
Demirören Medya company filed a lawsuit for damages against five representatives from the Medya Koridoru (Media Corridor) website, including its Grant Holder and Editor-in-Chief Canan Kaya, over a news report…
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