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Ergin Çağlar
Bursa - 2022
Detention of Ergin Çağlar while following Gemlik March
Mezopotamya Agency reporter Ergin Çağlar and Jinnews reporter Rozerin Gültekin were detained during the Gemlik March in Bursa, which was held with the slogan “We are marching to Gemlik to…
Ergin Çağlar
Mersin - 2017
Detention of Ergin Çağlar on the grounds of “membership in a terrorist organisation”
Journalist Ergin Çağlar was taken into custody in Bozova district in the scope of the investigation in Mersin. He was released under the judicial control after giving his deposition before…
Ergin Çağlar
Kahramanmaraş - 2018
Detention of Ergin Çağlar
Ergin Çağlar, the reporter of Mezopotamya Agency, was taken into custody during the road control of the gendarmerie in the district of Pazarbaşı in Maraş on the ground that “there…
Ergin Çağlar
Mersin - 2019
Ergin Çağlar – trial for “propagandizing for a terrorist organization”
Journalist Ergin Çağlar, a reporter for the Mezopotamya Agency (MA) based in the province of Mersin, has been taken into custody in Mersin Courthouse on August 16 as there was…
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