Interventions are listed
İbrahim Varlı
İstanbul - 2022
Investigation into BirGün Publishing Coordinator İbrahim Varlı’s ‘Islamists’ tweet
An investigation has been launched against İbrahim Varlı, the Publishing Coordinator of BirGün newspaper, on the grounds of his tweet where he wrote, “Islamists are cruel, Islamists are tyrants, there…
İbrahim Varlı
İstanbul - 2021
Investigation against BirGün journalists – İbrahim Varlı
Upon the criminal complaint of Red Crescent Chair Kerem Kınık over the news report titled “BirGün has accessed the documents of fines imposed on the Red Crescent Chair and Director…
İbrahim Varlı
İstanbul - 2016
The trial against İbrahim Varlı from Birgün Daily, due to “Panama Documents” articles
Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources at the time, filed a lawsuit against BirGün Publishing Coordinator İbrahim Varlı for articles highlighting the relation between Berat Albayrak and…
İbrahim Varlı
Birgün Journalists’ press cards are revoked – İbrahim Varlı
A large number of journalists, including the members of Evrensel Newspaper and Birgün Newspaper, who have been waiting for the response of renewal applications for a long time, learned that…
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