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İdris Sayılgan
Trabzon - 2016
The Constitutional Court Decision – İdris Sayılğan
The Constitutional Court has ruled that an individual application dated 18 July 2018 by İdris Sayılğan, a journalist who had been released by a court of appeal after spending 1,137 days behind bars, was…
İdris Sayılgan
Edirne - 2020
Mezopotamya Agency reporter İdris Sayılğan – Trial for “entering a military forbidden zone without permission”
Mezopotamya News Agency correspondents İdris Sayılğan and Naci Kaya, who went to the Edirne border to report about the situation of refugees heading towards the border with Greece, were detained on…
İdris Sayılgan
Muş - 2019
DİHA reporter İdris Sayılğan – The trial for “membership in a terrorist organization and propaganda” -2
A lawsuit has been filed against journalist İdris Sayılgan while he was in prison pending trial for allegedly “propagandising for a terrorist organisation”. Journalist is standing trial for 7 news…
İdris Sayılgan
Muş - 2016
İdris Sayılğan – trial for “membership of a terrorist organization and propaganda”
On 17 October 2016, İdris Sayılgan was taken into custody by a police raid. One week later he was arrested by a court decision. The prosecuiton’s office demanded up to…
İdris Sayılgan
Mersin - 2017
Trial in which DİHA reporter İdris Sayılğan is tried for “membership in a terrorist organisation”
The second High Criminal Court of Mersin sentenced DİHA reporter İdris Sayılğan, who has been detained in Trabzon E Type Prison for 13 months, to 1 year and 8 months…
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