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İdris Yayla
Van - 2023
İdris Yayla – ‘The same prosecutor ordered the detention of journalists’ news case
A lawsuit was filed against Jiyan Haber (Jiyan News) Executive Director İdris Yayla, along with Mezopotamya Agency (MA) Executive Director and Managing Editor Ferhat Çelik, for reporting that the prosecutor…
İdris Yayla
Van - 2022
İdris Yayla – trial for “marking a counterterrorism official as a target”
Having reported that the prosecutor issuing a detention warrant against Servet Turgut and Osman Şiban, who had been thrown off a helicopter, later issued a detention warrant against the journalists…
İdris Yayla
Batman - 2021
İdris Yayla – trial for “violating the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations”
28 people, including journalist İdris Yayla and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) former Co-Chair Sebahat Tuncel, stand trial at the Batman 1st Criminal Court of First Instance on the grounds that…
İdris Yayla
Threat against İdris Yayla
İdris Yayla, the grant holder of Jiyan Haber newspaper, announced that he was called from a phone number registered in Greece and threatened with death by an unknown person. According…
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