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İdris Yılmaz
Elazığ - 2018
İdris Yılmaz – trial for “provoking the public to hatred, hostility or degrading in one section of the public”
Journalist İdris Yılmaz was arrested on 22 January 2018 on charges of “Provoking the Public to Hatred, Hostility or Degrading in one section of the public” due to his social media…
İdris Yılmaz
Van - 2017
İdris Yılmaz – trial for “insulting” Erciş Municipality’s former trustee Mehmet Şirin Yaşar
Journalists İdris Yılmaz and Erhan Akbaş, who were taken into custody in October 2017 in Erciş Hospital where they sheltered after they were attacked by the contractor Şahin Yağar and…
İdris Yılmaz
Van - 2018
Journalist Idris Yilmaz is standing trial for “membership of an illegal organisation”
Journalist Idris Yilmaz, was standing trial on charges of “membership to an illegal organization” because of news articles he wrote. The 5th High Criminal Court of Van sentenced him to…
İdris Yılmaz
Erzurum - 2019
İdris Yılmaz – trial for “libel”
Yılmaz was convicted for his reporting based on footage showing a group of village guards in the eastern town of Erciş harassing a child. In its verdict concerning Yılmaz’s appeal…
İdris Yılmaz
Van - 2019
The case in which Idris Yılmaz is charged with “membership in a terrorist organization” and “propagandasing for a terrorist organization”
İdris Yılmaz, an imprisoned local journalistfrom the eastern province of Van, is facing another trial on terrorism-related charges of “membership in a terrorist organization”  and “propagandasing for a terrorist organization”…
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