Interventions are listed
Sputnik News Agency
Şırnak - 2020
Access block to news on “pyramid scheme” – Sputnik Türkiye
According to Engelliweb’s post, the Cizre Criminal Judgeship of Peace, with its decision no. 2020/1994, has imposed an access block on the news published on the websites of newspapers and…
Sputnik News Agency
Kocaeli - 2020
Access block to 124 URL address covering Kocaeli Governor’s act of violence against an ex-girlfriend
According to the post of @engelliweb, the access to 124 URL address covering the trial on the allegations that the Governor of Kocaeli, Orhan Çiftçi physically abused his former partner…
Sputnik News Agency
Ankara - 2020
The detention of 3 journalists from Sputnik News Agency
Three journalists working for Sputnik News Agency were taken into custody in relation to the article “The ‘Stolen Province’: Why Turkey Was Given A Corner Of Syria By France 80 Years…
Sputnik News Agency
Ankara - 2020
Attempted attack to Sputnik News Agency journalists
On March 1, a group of 15-20 people attempted an attack to the houses of three journalists working at Sputnik News Agency. The crowd shouted slogans including “martyrs do not…
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