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Taylan Özgür Öztaş
İstanbul - 2021
Detention of Taylan Özgür Öztaş
Taylan Özgür Öztaş, a reporter for Özgür Gelecek (Free Future), Serpil Ünal, a reporter for Mücadele Birliği (Struggle Union), and Kardelen Yoğungan, a reporter for Kızıl Bayrak (Red Flag), were…
Taylan Özgür Öztaş
İstanbul - 2019
The lawsuit against reporter Taylan Özgür Öztaş for violating Law No 2911
On August 23, Özgür Gelecek newspaper reporter Taylan Özgür Öztaş, was detained after a police raid on his house at night, due to his participation in the trustee assignment protest…
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