Interventions are listed
İstanbul - 2022
Order for removal of 33 news reports from ABC Gazetesi news website
The ABC Gazetesi announced that 33 news reports published on the news website were facing a removal order. The situation was announced to the public in an article penned by…
İstanbul - 2021
Access block to news on Ajansspor columnist Atilla Türker’s allegations – ABC newspaper
Ajansspor columnist Atilla Türker wrote that Turkish Football Federation’s Dispute Resolution Board Chair Celal Candan is also the Vice Director General for Credit, Risk, Settlement and Legal Affairs at Halkbank…
Rize - 2021
Access block to news on an academic from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University facing a criminal complaint for harassment – abc newspaper
According to Engelli Web’s post, on the grounds of violation of personal rights, the Rize Criminal Judgeship of Peace, with its decision no. 2021/770 dated March 12, has imposed an…
Gaziantep - 2020
Coronavirus watch: Access block to 32 news articles covering Oba Makarna
Gaziantep 1st Criminal Peace Judgeship decided to block access to 32 news article, 69 tweet and 14 Facebook content related to more than 20 Covid-19 positive cases revealed at Oba…
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