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Deutsche Welle Türkçe
İstanbul - 2023
License of Deutsche Welle Türkçe not extended
The Ministry of Industry and Technology has not extended the license of Deutsche Welle (DW) Türkçe. The Ministry justified not renewing the license of the outlet which needs to be…
Deutsche Welle Türkçe
Access block to news of “Release by pulling strings” – Deutsche Welle
The İstanbul 10th Criminal Judgeship of Peace and the Ankara 7th Criminal Judgeship of Peace, with their decisions on May 27 and May 31 and on the grounds of “violation…
Deutsche Welle Türkçe
İstanbul - 2021
Access block to news regarding the access block to news on Berat Albayrak – DW Türkçe
According to EngelliWeb’s post, on the grounds of violation of personal rights and as per the decision no. 2021/2357 dated April 9, 2021 of the İstanbul Anadolu 3rd Criminal Judgeship…
Deutsche Welle Türkçe
İstanbul - 2021
Access block to news on lawsuit against “Paradise Papers” news – Deutsche Welle Türkçe
The news and tweets about the access block imposed on the news regarding the lawsuit against “Paradise Papers” news have been blocked to access by the İstanbul Anadolu 3rd Criminal…
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