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Erk Acarer
Knife attack on BirGün newspaper columnist, journalist Erk Acarer
BirGün newspaper columnist and journalist Erk Acarer announced on his Twitter account that he had been subjected to a knife attack in front of his house in Berlin, Germany and…
Erk Acarer
Ankara - 2021
Access block to Erk Acarer’s tweets
On the grounds of “violation of personal rights”, the Ankara 8th Criminal Judgeship of Peace, with its decision no. 2021/6042, has imposed an access block on journalist Erk Acarer’s tweets…
Erk Acarer
İstanbul - 2017
Lawsuit for damages against Erk Acarer
A lawsuit for damages was filed against Artı TV program presenter and BirGün newspaper columnist Erk Acarer over his news report titled “SADAT in the Army and Judiciary” (Orduda ve…
Erk Acarer
İstanbul - 2020
The trial against Journalist Erk Acarer due to news on the death of a MİT member
OdaTv News Editor Barış Terkoğlu and journalist Hülya Kılınç, OdaTv editor-in-chief Barış Pehlivan Journalist Murat Ağırel from Yeniçağ Newspaper, Yeni Yaşam Newspaper editor-in-chief Ferhat Çelik, chief editor Aydın Keser was…
Erk Acarer
İstanbul - 2018
Erk Acarer – trial for “calumny”
Hakan Dirik, İzmir correspondent for independent Cumhuriyet, and Erk Acarer, a reporter for BirGün newspaper, are being prosecuted on charges of “defamation” following the then Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ’s…
Erk Acarer
Erk Acarer – trial for “insulting the President of the Republic”
Istanbul 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance continues the trial of journalist Erk Acarer on the allegations of “insulting the President of the Republic” in his article entitled ‘Herkese var,…
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