Interventions are listed
Enver Aysever
İstanbul - 2021
Detention of Enver Aysever
After he gave his statement as part of an investigation launched into a comic that he posted on Twitter, Enver Aysever was told that there was a detention warrant issued…
Enver Aysever
İstanbul - 2020
Trial of Enver Aysever for “degrading religious beliefs”
Public Prosecutor launched an investigation against journalist and columnist Enver Aysever due to a caricature he posted on 19 March 2020, via his social media account for allegedly publicly degrading…
Enver Aysever
İstanbul - 2017
Enver Aysever – judicial fine for “insult”
The 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance in İstanbul fined Enver Aysever 10,620 Turkish Liras for allegedly “insulting the Grand National Embassy of Turkey” on the grounds that he insulted…
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